Studio775 Hair Salon -
Salon Price List
Hair Cuts
Hair Cuts                 $25-30
Texture Cuts             $25-30
Thinning                   $8
Bangs                        $8        
*/Hair Color
Partial Highlight       $65 and up
Partial Lowlight       $65 and up
All Over Highlight     $85 and up
All Over Lowlight      $85and up
Ombre                         $110 andup
Color                           $65 and up
Toner                           $30 andup
Toner w/ highlights  $15
PM Shine Color        $65 and up
Color Correction       $110 andup 
 Balyage                     $125            
Perm                $65 and up
Hair Treatments
Regular Conditioning Treatment   $20
Awapuhi Treatment             $45
Awapuhi Treatment(w/chemical) $35
Marula Oil       $45
Style Your Hair
Shampoo            $4
Blow Dry & Style        $20 and up
Curling Iron         $40 and up
Flat Iron            $25 and up
Roller Set           $30 and up
Updo               $65 and up

Hair Extensions
Glued On           $110 and up
Clip On               $55 and up
u-tip                     $135HR
Bead                     $135HR
*Prices Do Not Include Hair*

Eye Brows    $12 and up
Lip                 $12
Side Burns   $15
Chin               $15
Entire Face   $45
 Make-up        $35

**Prices are determined by the thickness and the length of the individual's hair at the time of service.**
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